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We are a group of NATURE LOVERS who acknowledge that the sea is our most valuable asset and an important resource of life, accessible to all. For this purpose, we created SWIM Lebanon which stands for Sustainable Waste Intercity Marathon.
SWIM engages communities all over Lebanon for a combined open water swimming and waste collection initiatives to create a chain reaction of good habits by building new behaviors that lead to protecting our sea from pollution and keeping our environment clean.
We are supported by professional swimmers, event managers, influencers, environmentalists, activists, educators, lecturers, various NGOs, businesses and designers who help us achieve our GREEN LANE objectives.

● Promote environmental awareness by educating ourselves and sensitizing people to sustainable patterns and practices.

● Inspire others to be actively involved in improving the community life by participating in community clean ups and planning.

Collaborate with other NGOs  on educational programs and environmental campaigns to inculcate regenerative thinking and create a behavioral change

● Cooperate with eco-friendly industries to encourage green tourism development and beautifying projects.

● Educate about who and what is causing litter pile ups and mobilize communities , governments & municipalities to prevent future littering behavior

● Induce the 3 Rs Rules ,  Reduce , Re-UseRecycle

● Influence people’s mindset to reduce pollution and amounts of waste that end up in landfills or incinerators.

● Promulgate the importance of Biodiversity preservation and ecosystem restoration , Key resources for survival & prosperity

We believe we can achieve Clean Lebanese Sea and coastline through collective efforts and individual responsibility.
By engaging individuals and communities in taking ACTIONS, We can reach a GREENER Lebanon, sustaining the future of its inhabitants.  

Our Mission is to create a network of people, sharing the Same Values, working together to generate a snowball effect of Behavioral Changes for the protection and the conservation of our Ecosystem through environmental projects, education and activities.

Lisa Sofian

Lisa Sofian, a Lebanese citizen and the Founder of SWIM Initiative, has consistently demonstrated her deep passion for the environment. Throughout her life, she has dedicated her efforts to numerous charitable organizations, including the Red Cross, the Women Homentmen Basketball Club, and Justcare NGO, showcasing her unwavering commitment to making a positive impact.
As a true lover of nature, Lisa embarked on her environmental advocacy journey by taking a stand against the imminent waste problems during the 2015 waste crisis in Lebanon. She instigated a strong environmentalist mindset, as she also holds responsibilities at ME Green Energy, where she serves as the Manager of the HR department and spearheads the organization’s Net Zero compliance efforts.
Lisa Sofian’s multifaceted roles and contributions exemplify her dedication to environmental causes. Her achievements reflect her determination to promote sustainability and build a brighter future for Lebanon and beyond.

Nabil Aouad

Nabil Aouad, a proud Lebanese citizen and Founder of SWIM Initiative, recently made his triumphant homecoming after an illustrious career spanning 30 years in the Oil & Gas Industry across five continents and around the globe. With a remarkable transition upon his return to Lebanon, he redirected his expertise and managerial acumen towards the realm of renewable energy, wholeheartedly embracing his role at ME Green. This exceptional company is at the forefront of providing sustainable solutions while diligently preserving the environment.
Nabil’s deep-rooted passion for sports, ranging from the exhilaration of horseback riding to the challenges of triathlons, is a testament to his adventurous spirit. Notably, he is not just a sports enthusiast but also a dedicated nature lover and environmentalist, combining his love for athleticism with a profound commitment to safeguarding our planet.

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